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Vote YES for Phoenix

Together, we can build a stronger and smarter city – and that starts with some important decisions we have to make together. This August, you will make a number of big choices impacting our city’s future. Here’s how Greg will be voting and why. We hope you’ll join Greg in voting Yes for Phoenix. YES […]



“Greg has been innovative, positive and forthright in his first term as our mayor.  As a small business owner I feel that Mayor Greg Stanton brings innovation to Phoenix in attaining greater economic activity and growth to all businesses in a variety of ways.  His stances on exports, population growth and transportation are paramount to the business owners in Phoenix.”

Stacy Louis

“Phoenix became the first city in the country to end chronic homelessness of veterans thanks in large part to Greg’s leadership. Greg put together the right team of non-profits, experts and activists to attack this problem, and was willing to take innovate approaches to get results. Now, we’re taking that same approach to end chronic homelessness for the entire homeless community.”

Craig Tribken